Our Team

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"Natural, Renewable, and Responsible"

 We are a team that diligently brings beauty to our clients and our community by focusing on three major ideas and ensuring that our answer is always "Yes".

  • Natural - do our product ingredients derive from natural sources and are they safe for most people to use? Yes.
  • Renewable - are we sourcing ingredients in a way that reduces negative environmental effects? Yes. 
  • Responsible - how do we handle recyclable waste and are we working to reduce the waste we create? Yes. 

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Our facility

From the paint colors on the walls to the aroma-filled air, Revive's space is designed to create a relaxing ambience with each breath inside its doors. An open, spacious floor plan helps our guests shed the cluttered weight of outside stressors. Revive's 3,000 square foot facility includes five individual styling stations, a threading station, manicure and pedicure room, professional makeup station, four spa treatment rooms, locker room with shower facility, and a spa resting area. 

Get to know us

We work at Revive with a passion in our hearts to give guests quality services, striving to make an impact in their lives. Revive's Aveda-trained artists are experts in providing the experience and results you can expect from a high-quality salon and spa at an affordable cost. We carry professional product that focuses on Earth-friendly sourcing and contains naturally-derived ingredients. Our focus is on our guests, giving small gifts of wellness with great love every day.